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At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of thoughts and info as soon as possible inshallah.

At this point we can provide you with information regarding our objectives. The emphasis of our site is for English - speaking Ahl al-Sunna who feel that the very excellent teachings are being undermined by a new generation of passionate but uneducated Muslims often mechanically repeating parts of the Holy Qur'an and Sunna resulting in the blatant tampering of the truth.

'The people shall always be in a good state as long as they take their knowledge from their elders, their trusted ones, and their people of knowledge.  When they start taking it from their boys and their reprobates, they shall be destroyed. ' - Abd Allah ibn Mas'ud 

"ask the people of the remembrance"  (16.43)

"above every learned one there is one more learned" (12.76)

"obey those in authority among you" (4.59)

"hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not separate" (3:103)

This site will focus on a number of critical topics (Bid'a, Sunna, Justice, Qadar...), hoping to provide references to the best and most appropriates books, websites and other information so that we can do away with misconceptions and remain true to al-Hanifiyyat al-Samba; 'the Natural, Easy Religion' of Islam.

Check this site later, please.